About Us



The New Sports Development Federation Of India started in 2018 in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh by Mr. Vinay Srivastava. He extremely worked hard to develop this Federation. He train women and girls in the art of self-defense for women empowerment. Our aim to Empower women & youth in all basic fields of Life & improve their living condition. We Support the development of height performance sport by providing training environments across India by professional coach. 

In TNS participate the best Self Defense instructors from all around the world and its main goals are to create tactics and techniques of Self Defense through the international conferences, seminars and World Championships. TNS is not just another Self Defense club or school, but well- known and widely-recognized Federation with official Constitution and official activities. Our Federation policy : to be an Federation who wants to promote and takes initiatives to favor a common plan and the meeting of any style in the same topic of self defense . All things will be develop on a world scale . Our program consists of Control and Restraint, Breakaway Techniques, Pressure Points, Close Quarter Combat, Grappling/Ground Fighting, we also look at knives and the impact they have on people’s lives.

SELF DEFENCE UTTAR PRADESH CHEIF & COACH, Mr. Vinay Srivastava has been Awarded by NATIONAL PRIDE EXCELLENCE AWARD-2018 on 13th Jan, 2018.

He has been trained 155 school’ girls (Govt. & Non Govt.). We want to promote self defense studies , it means to develop our plans without preconception about any martial art background or birth area … in order to work boundless together.

Subject of Self Defense is the link that unites all the Martial Arts, as the main goal of any style of Martial Arts is practice and Self Defense.

 The main characteristic of the Self Defense are the following:
 1. A Self Defense priority methods and tactics, and only then techniques
 2. Self Defense has no rules
 3. All tactics and applying techniques in self defense situations must be within the law
 4. In Self Defense situations very important is the psychological aspect
 5. In Self Defense every practice must include realistic scenarios